Inshore Tidal Moorings:

Inshore moorings are available, for boats without keels up to 19ft, either daily, weekly or for the whole season. Boats up to 25ft may be accommodated if moorings are available; however please contact HRB before arriving.

Seasonal (1/4 to 31/10) moorings need to be applied for in the December of the previous year by contacting Ian Wells.

Boats can also be stored on the beach (beach moorings)

Charges for inshore and beach moorings are

Inshore moorings:
WEEKLY         SEASON (1/4 to 31/10)
£130.00+vat   £40+vat per ft

Beach moorings (per boat):
WEEKLY       SEASON (1/4 to 31/10)
£65.00+vat    £240+vat

Slipway Fees (no beach or water mooring):
Depending on craft from £2+vat – £10+vat per day; £10+vat – £60+vat per week

Towing services:
On/Off Beach     Tow to top of hill     Towing to Mawnan Smith etc
£20.00+vat          £25.00+vat                 £30.00+vat (then £2+vat per mile thereafter)
Collecting and returning empty trailers at above tariff

Inshore Visitor Moorings:

Smaller boats (below 25ft) may be accommodated on as and when basis depending on what is available, please contact the kiosk on 01326 250770 or speak to the ferryman directly.  (A visiting mooring daily charge of £5 incl. vat will apply and includes a complimentary water taxi to/from the mooring for the driver only. Overnight charge: £20 incl. vat.) Please be aware the ferry pontoon may only be used for loading/unloading and only when it is not busy. If unsure please ask a member of HRB.

Deep Water Visitor Moorings:

Visitor moorings are available on a nightly basis and are identified by either a green pick up, or green main buoy. (See picture.)

Details of charges and location of moorings are available here.

Those requiring assistance in either picking up a buoy or locating one should call the Mooring Officer on channel M1 or 37 or by phoning the Mooring Officer when entering the river.