We hope that we have answered most of the questions that you might have, but if not please contact us, and we’ll be delighted to help.

Questions about the ferry.

Q: When is the next ferry?
A: On request, so as soon as you want it.

Q: How long is the journey?
A: The crossing takes about 10 minutes.

Q: Is there a ferry service in the winter?
A: No the ferry operates from Good Friday or the 1st of April until October 31st.

Q: How many people can the ferry take?
A: The ferry is licensed to carry 12 passengers.

Q: What happens if there are more than 12 people wanting to cross?
A: The ferry will keep going until all the passengers are transported and then the service will revert to on request.

Q: Can we take our car across?
A: No the ferry service is a passenger service only.

Q: Can we take dogs?
A: Yes they are welcome

Q: Can we take bikes?
A: Yes, there is a charge involved, please see here.

Q: Can we take push chairs?
A: Yes

Q: Do we have to pay for children?
A: Babies (i.e. pre-walking age) go free, as do pushchairs. However, there is a reduced fare for children up to 12 years old. Details here.

Q:Do you do river trips?
A: Yes, please see ‘Getting on the Water’ page.

Q: Do you provide a water taxi service?
A: Yes both for the Helford River and further afield. Details here.

Questions about our boats. (See below for ferry and moorings questions)

Q: I haven’t driven a motor boat before, will I be able to do it?
A: Yes full instruction is given

Q: Have you got life jackets?
A: Yes the boats are fully equipped with safety gear and all passengers are issued with auto-inflating life jackets.

Q: Can we go ashore anywhere:
A: Yes There are various quays, sailing and yacht clubs to visit as well as beaches for picnics

Q: Can we go to Falmouth?
A: No the boats are only licensed and insured to operate within the estuary. However a skippered boat can be hired to do this.

Q: Can we fish?
A: Yes there are plenty of fish to catch in the river. Mackerel, Pollock, various flat fish.

Q: How many people can go in the boats?
A: The self-drive motor boats are licensed for up to six people, the ferry for twelve.

Q: Can we use the boat in the evening to go to the pub across the river?
A: The boats are licensed and insured up until dusk only.

Questions about moorings in the Helford River

Q: Are there any Visitor moorings available?
A: All Visitor moorings are coloured green and are on a first come first served basis. The Mooring Officer collects mooring fees from the visiting yachts

Q: Is there enough depth for a 2 metre keel?
A:Yes all Visitor moorings have sufficient depth